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Indian Students Association

The Indian Students Association (ISA) is a non-profit socio-cultural association within the Student Organizations’ Forum at the University of Texas at Dallas. UTD is the home for hundreds of Indian students. ISA represents each and every one of them and apart from striving to make everyone feel at home, miles away from home we also draw a flux of colorful Indian culture through our various programs. The purpose of the ISA is to provide an opportunity for all students of Indian origin to interact and share the joy of the culture and heritage of India, and to educate other students, by bringing awareness.

Our Composition

The Indian Students Association here at UTD represents the 1400 Indian students enrolled at our University. Every year we have more than 550 Indian students coming into our University, including Fall and Spring semesters, whom the organization guides and helps through basic amenities.


ISA Team Election, 2014-15

On behalf of ISA Team 2013-2014, We would like to thank all the current students, alumni and faculty members who have always supported ISA with fruitful suggestions, initiatives and events along with high amount of enthusiasm throughout the year.

We have always been fortunate to experience a wonderful response every time when the team got a new event for the students or posted greetings, articles or photos online. We look forward to the same kind of support and appreciation for the new team beginning with Holi celebrations and International Week. We have raised the standards and expectations marked by our seniors and we look forward to the same from the next team.

ISA Team 2013-14 officers will forever cherish the unforgettable memories of team bonding, friendship, joy, organization pressure, service, respect, early morning skype/webinar calls and commitment to the Indian student community at UT Dallas. The journey begins for the new ones now.

ISA appreciates each and every student at UT Dallas. We are always open to suggestions and feedback for the betterment of the Indian Student community here.

Have a wonderful year ahead! Thank You ISA members for being there for us!

And here we present to you the ISA Team 2014-15.

President: Naveen Krishna Neelam

Vice President 
Anik Vishewkar
Sindhuja Raghavan

General Secretary: Ankit Takallapaly

Joint Secretary: Aditya Desai

Treasurer: Jaya Prakash Reddy

University Relations Officer: Rutul Dattani

University Relations Team:
Ankana Ghosh
Nikhil Sebastian

SOC Officer: Salil Shete

Events Team
Vilash Ravi
Abhinav Puskuru
Gaurav Kalra
Vishwani Arora

Technical Officer: Nihar Dongra

Sports Team
Nitant Kakkar
Saurabh Pande
Nitish Kadam
Vidhi Gavadia

Media & Design Team
Pratap Surya
Ishan Parmar

Congratulations to all the officers of ISA Team 2014-2015.