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Indian Students Association

The Indian Students Association (ISA) is a non-profit socio-cultural association within the Student Organizations’ Forum at the University of Texas at Dallas. UTD is the home for hundreds of Indian students. ISA represents each and every one of them and apart from striving to make everyone feel at home, miles away from home we also draw a flux of colorful Indian culture through our various programs. The purpose of the ISA is to provide an opportunity for all students of Indian origin to interact and share the joy of the culture and heritage of India, and to educate other students, by bringing awareness.

Our Composition

The Indian Students Association here at UTD represents the 1400 Indian students enrolled at our University. Every year we have more than 550 Indian students coming into our University, including Fall and Spring semesters, whom the organization guides and helps through basic amenities.


What Sangam has to offer?
Enthralling Dance performances
Mesmerizing Music
Captivating Fashion Show
Electrifying DJ
Delicious Indian cuisine

What is the difference between the previous Sangam and the one this year?
Venue - Activity Center@6PM
Introducing DJ MOMO for the first time in UTD
Ticket price reduced to 7$ when compared to 10$ last year

The Indian Students Association promises a fun filled night with spectacular display of dance and musical performances that will leave you spell bound leaving no stone unturned to make SANGAM 2014 the best ever in the history of the ISA.

Come and cheer the efforts of our community members by buying the tickets from the link provided below:

For any queries on ticket sales, please contact the below representatives:

On campus: Angat Patel - 9032680105
Off campus: Ishan Parmar - 9548301942
For Bookings:

Note: Free entry for kids.